Rules and Regulations


Each prospective therapy pet handler must attend an 1. Orientation, 2. Education Seminar, 3. Evaluation 4. Shadowing 1 and 2 beforeĀ being allowed to visit with your pet. (You may not be evaluated with your pet unless you have taken classes 1 & 2 in that order (If you cannot attend a class we have other dates located on the calendar of events.

Do not visit while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or mood altering prescription drugs.

Volunteers must read and sign our Volunteer Agreement.

There is to be NO CONTACT with clients outsideĀ of Wags for Hope Please see exclusive HIPPA Rules at each facility (your relatives excluded).

Volunteers shall not give individual gifts to clients. General gifts to facilities are acceptable (your relatives are excluded).

Any rule violation will be reviewed by the board on a case by case basis and can result in removal from the organization.

You must provide and be current with your pets health records and rabies vaccination. Failure to provide this documentation to WFH and the facility you visit may result in the immediate loss of membership and liability insurance.

The onetime membership fee to join WFH is $40 and includes a WFH polo shirt (for one pet and one handler). An additional pet is $15 and an additional family member is $10.


The pet health form must be correctly filled out and signed by your vet. Provide your facility with a copy of your pets up to date, usually yearly veterinary health records. Including a fecal exam.

Rabies certificates must be current and WFH must have a copy for our records

Pets must have basic obedience skills to attempt the Evaluation.

If you do not pass the Evaluation the first time you may try again at no extra cost. We will share tips and provide you with a list of local trainers.

If you do not pass shadowing with your pet you will be asked to review the skills your FC suggests and shadow again at a later time. If you still do not pass you will be asked to pass another evaluation. There is no fee to re-evaluate.

If you have not visited in one year or more you must take the evaluation again before volunteering with any WFH programs. There is no fee for the reevaluation.

Pets must be at least 1 year old. If your pet is adopted, it must have lived in your home for at least 6 months, documentation may be required.

Pets who are pregnant, in season or injured will not be evaluated.


Therapy pet handlers 10-17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times while volunteering with WFH and a parent-child waiver must be signed prior to any volunteering.

While visiting with your pet , children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a non pet handler adult.


Be attentive to your pet’s signals and make it a point to end your visit when either of you become fatigued, overly warm, or fearful in any way.

You may only visit with One Pet Per Certified Handler.

Take your pet far away from landscaping and residents’ view to potty. Please clean up after your pet and take it home with you.

An Incident report must be filled out and given to your Facility Coordinator immediately following any incident. An incident is an abnormal event involving you, your pet, resident and or facility.

Contact your WFH Facility Coordinator by phone following any incident (i.e. an accidental scratch from a pets nails).

Pets must be clean and brushed before each visit. Nails should be clipped regularly, please not the night before visiting.

Remain with your pet leash always in hand.

You must be in control of your pet at all times.

Volunteers must keep aĀ clean and neat appearance while representing Wags for Hope.

If you have a change in visiting schedule contact your WFH Facility Coordinator as soon as you can.

If you, your pet or any family member or other pet is ill please postpone the visit until all are healthy.

WFH ID Badge must be worn while volunteering with WFH.


WFH 03/2011